Real Estate – Windthorst, SK – Lot & Building

July 22, 2021 at 1:00pm
Windthorst, S0G 5G0 SK, CA


Lot 1508 – 2.3 Acres of Land with Truck Wash Building, Windthorst, SK

Welcome to Windthorst, Saskatchewan. Windthorst is a village in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan within the Rural Municipality of Chester No. 125 and Census Division No. 5. It continues to be a vibrant community celebrating their past and looking to the future. Has a population of 211 based on 2016 Census by Statistics of Canada. Close by are lakes, parks and a multitude of recreational areas.

This auction lot is for 2.3 Acres Land and Truck Wash Building.


Property Site Information:

This parcel of land is approximately 2.3 Acres.

The parcel is triangular in shape and is within the Village of Windthorst Boundaries.

Graveled Yard,

2021 Property Taxes: $2648.09,

Property line cuts across the Truck Wash Building, please see pictures attached to see approximate location of property line and building area.

Please see the Schedule B attached at the bottom of this page. This schedule forms part of any offer you make and the terms, conditions exclusions and limitations shall form part of any agreem of purchase and sale.


Building Information:

The building is approximately 12,351.5 Sq. Ft.

Has Metal Roof and Walls

Metal Lined inside,

Office 19' L X 16'11'' W,

Bay 1 38' L X 12' W X 14' H,

Bay 2 100' L X 14' W X 16' H,

Bay 3 100' L X 18' W X 16' H,

Bay 4 100' L X 16' W X 16' H,

Bay 5 38' L X 14' W X 14' H,

Bay 6 25' L X 14' W X 22' H,

Bay 7 79' L X 14' W X 16' H,


Additional Information:

Power has been shut off



July 22

1:00 pm (CST)


Windthorst, SK


Auction will close on Thursday, July 22, 2021.
Highest Bid or Any Bid Not Necessarily Accepted.
Legal Fees are the responsibility of the respective party.
Transfer Fees will be the responsibility of the Purchaser.
Upon agreement to Sell the Purchaser will be required to pay a deposit with Certified Funds to McDougall Auctioneers Ltd. of 10% plus the Buyer's Fee and applicable taxes within 24 business hours.
Remainder of funds and title transfer to occur within 21 Days of Sale Agreement.

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