May 04, 2021 at 2:00pm
Zehner, SK, CA


Danger" Road Sign UNRESERVED; (2) 6' Shelves – Contents Not Included UNRESERVED; (2) Aluminum Baseball Bats UNRESERVED; (2) Artificial Trees UNRESERVED; (2) Assorted Quilt Sets UNRESERVED; (2) Backpack Sprayers UNRESERVED; (2) Bags of All Purpose Absorbent UNRESERVED; (2) Bags of Lawn Fertilizer UNRESERVED; (2) Ceiling Fans – New In Box! UNRESERVED; (2) Commercial FM Radios (2 Way) UNRESERVED; (2) Coolers UNRESERVED; (2) Drive Up Service Ramps UNRESERVED (2); (2) Fertilizer Spreaders UNRESERVED; (2) Folding Camping Chairs UNRESERVED; (2) Jack Stands UNRESERVED; (2) Large Mirrors (1 Partially Broken) – 3'x58.5" UNRESERVED; (2) Lawn Chairs UNRESERVED; (2) Muskoka Chairs UNRESERVED (2); (2) Noma Post Cap Light Set UNRESERVED; (2) Piecc Patio Chairs And End Table UNRESERVED; (2) Pieces of Expended Metal UNRESERVED; (2) Ratchet Straps UNRESERVED; (2) Rolls Electrical Cable UNRESERVED; (2) Ton Jack, Bottle Jack, and Wheel Chocks UNRESERVED; (2) Tow Straps UNRESERVED; (2) Wooden Side Tables with Removable Platters – 19.5"x13"x19" UNRESERVED; (3) Assorted Quilt Sets UNRESERVED; (3) Bags of Cader Red Rubber Mulch UNRESERVED; (3) BB Guns UNRESERVED; (3) Beer Pails UNRESERVED; (3) Big Whirly Turbine Ventilators – 14" UNRESERVED; (3) Boxes of Clay Pigeons UNRESERVED; (3) Decorative Pillows and Weighted (15lbs) Blanket UNRESERVED; (3) Empty Tool Cases UNRESERVED; (3) Goodyear Marathon Tires ST225/75R14 UNRESERVED; (3) Goodyear Wrangler Tires LT245/75R15 UNRESERVED; (3) Hand Sprayers UNRESERVED; (3) Plastic Patio Chairs UNRESERVED; (3) Propane Tanks UNRESERVED; (3) Small Picture Frames and Tiger Blanket UNRESERVED; (3) Storage Shelve with Christmas D�cor UNRESERVED; (3) Vine Posts UNRESERVED; (4) Dodge Rims UNRESERVED; (4) Full and (1) Partial 3.78L Kerosene UNRESERVED; (4) Goodyear Assurance Tires 215/55R17 UNRESERVED; (4) Ketch All Mouse Traps UNRESERVED; (4) Saw Horses UNRESERVED; (4) Warming / Buffet Trays UNRESERVED; (5) Assorted Decorative Pillows and Basketball UNRESERVED; (5) Boxes of Assorted Glass Jars UNRESERVED; (7) Piece Patio Set UNRESERVED; 1" Poly Tuff Conduit UNRESERVED; 10 in 1 Adventure Lab and Walkman UNRESERVED; 10" Blades and Grinding Disks UNRESERVED; 12V Bilge Pump UNRESERVED; 12V Power Supplies UNRESERVED; 14" Cutting Chain UNRESERVED; 1935 Case Model C Tractor (Non-Runner) UNRESERVED; 1961 Case 830 Tractor UNRESERVED VIDEO ADDED; 1964 Case LA Tractor With Loader (Non-Runner) UNRESERVED; 1971 Chevrolet Custom 10 Truck (Non-Runner) UNRESERVED; 2 Drawer File Cabinet – Contents Not Included UNRESERVED; 2 Drawer File Cabinet UNRESERVED; 2 pales of drywall filler & 1 pail of paint (not opened for 3 years) UNRESERVED; 2 Printers UNRESERVED; 2 Volt Meters UNRESERVED; 2006 Forest River S/A ATV Trailer UNRESERVED; 230 Amp Stick Welder UNRESERVED; 25 Gallon Tank Sprayer UNRESERVED; 3 pcs. Patio table and chair set (Bar Height) UNRESERVED; 3 Piece Wooden Collapsible Table Set – 41" UNRESERVED; 3 Ton Floor Jack UNRESERVED; 4 Stroke Oil And Filters UNRESERVED; 4'x2' Counter Top UNRESERVED; 5 Piece Wooden Kitchen Table Set – 37.5"x78.5"x30" UNRESERVED; 5Ft Aluminum Step Ladder UNRESERVED; 6" Hole Saw UNRESERVED; 6'' Bench Grinder UNRESERVED; 9mm Bullet Making Kit UNRESERVED; Abrasive Spot Blaster Gun UNRESERVED; Adjustable Platform Brackets UNRESERVED; Aera Garden Grow Station with Replacement Pods UNRESERVED; Agri Fab 38 Inch Lawn Sweep With Hitch UNRESERVED; Air Tool Attachments UNRESERVED; Alpine Deck UNRESERVED; Aluminum Griddle UNRESERVED; Anthes Universal 350000 BTUH propane heater UNRESERVED; Antique Can of Nails UNRESERVED; Antique Wooden Desk UNRESERVED; Anvil and Assorted Hardware UNRESERVED; Assorted Aluminum Pipe UNRESERVED; Assorted Copper Pipe and Brass Fittings UNRESERVED; Assorted D�cor and Admission Tickets UNRESERVED; Assorted Fittings and Valves UNRESERVED; Assorted Hanger UNRESERVED; Assorted Man Cave Signs UNRESERVED; Assorted Plumbing Fittings and Misc. UNRESERVED; Assorted Plywood UNRESERVED (2); Assorted PVC Pipe and Clamps UNRESERVED; Assorted Rakes and Shovels UNRESERVED; Assorted Rebar UNRESERVED; Assorted Sheet Metal UNRESERVED; Assorted Steel Tubing UNRESERVED; Assorted Vents/Ducts UNRESERVED; Assorted Wooden Boxes UNRESERVED; ATV Ramp UNRESERVED; Audio Books and Cassettes UNRESERVED; Audio Cable UNRESERVED; Bag of Edge Herbicide UNRESERVED; Bag of Grass Seed UNRESERVED; Battery Powered Hydraulic Pump and Ram UNRESERVED; Bench Grinder UNRESERVED; BergHOFF Induction Oven UNRESERVED; Big Chief Wood Chip Smoker UNRESERVED; Big Red Creepers UNRESERVED; Bissell Vacuum UNRESERVED; Black & Decker 9" Chop Saw UNRESERVED; Black & Decker Palm Sander UNRESERVED; Black Stetson 4X size 6 7/8 and 2 misc cowboy hats UNRESERVED; Bog of Roxul Insulation UNRESERVED; Bolt Cutters UNRESERVED; Bostitch Air Nailer with Nails UNRESERVED; Bostitch Framing Staples UNRESERVED; Bostitch Pneumatic Stick Nailer with Nailers UNRESERVED; Box of Assorted Candles and Holders UNRESERVED; Box of Assorted Deck D�cor and Organizers UNRESERVED; Box of assorted glassware including pinwheel crystal bowls and glassesware UNRESERVED; Box of Assorted Hand Tools UNRESERVED; Box of Assorted Kitchen Ware – Muffing Trays, Pan, Baking Sheets, Etc. UNRESERVED; Box of assorted Mary Kay EXPIRED beauty products UNRESERVED; Box of Assorted Picture Frames and Bunny UNRESERVED; Box of Camping Propane Bottles UNRESERVED; Box of Clamps UNRESERVED; Box of Light Bulbs and Mini Fan UNRESERVED; Box of Maps UNRESERVED; Box of Misc. Bearings UNRESERVED; Box of Misc. Electronics UNRESERVED; Box of Roller Chain UNRESERVED; Box of Shelving Brackets UNRESERVED; Box with Jack and Misc. UNRESERVED; Boxes of Misc. Wires, Cables, Chargers Etc. UNRESERVED; Breville 800Esxl Duo Temp Coffee Machine with Cups and Coasters UNRESERVED; Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer UNRESERVED; Brown Reclining Couch UNRESERVED; Bucket of Hand Tools and Misc. UNRESERVED; Bug Fogger & Propane Tank UNRESERVED; Bug Zapper UNRESERVED; Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter with Filters UNRESERVED; Bushing's, Fittings, Etc. UNRESERVED; Camp Chef Dual Burner – Converted to Natural Gas UNRESERVED; Camp Stove and Stool UNRESERVED; Cast Iron Frying Pang and Oven Broiler Pan UNRESERVED; Cast Iron Griddle UNRESERVED; CCM Tacks Skates, Titan Stick, and Pucks UNRESERVED; Centro Barbeque – Converted to Natural Gas UNRESERVED; Champion 7800 Watt Generator UNRESERVED; Champion High Fly Target Thrower UNRESERVED; Chevrolet Floor Mats and Drip Pan UNRESERVED; Chisels, Punches, Etc. UNRESERVED; Closet Doors UNRESERVED; Coleman Minicooler and Ice Packs UNRESERVED; Computer Fans, Heat Shrink Etc. UNRESERVED; Conair Curler Set and (2) Bags UNRESERVED; Couch UNRESERVED; DC Power Supply UNRESERVED; Decorative Area Rub – 8'x5' UNRESERVED; Decorative Cupboard with Glass Door UNRESERVED; Decorative Side Table UNRESERVED; Delavan PTO Powered Water Pump UNRESERVED; Delfino Crock-Pot and Hot Food Carrying Bag UNRESERVED; Dell Computer Tower – Hard Drive Removed UNRESERVED; Delonghi Coffee Bean Grinder UNRESERVED; DeLonghi Coffee/ Espresso Maker UNRESERVED; Drill Bits, Files, Etc. UNRESERVED (2); Electric Fence Kit UNRESERVED; Emerson Belted Fan and Blower UNRESERVED; End Table UNRESERVED; Epson WF-2530 Printer UNRESERVED; Extension Ladder – 16' UNRESERVED; Fil Rite Fuel Pump and Barrel UNRESERVED; Fishing Rod UNRESERVED; Floral queen duvet with pillow cases and picture UNRESERVED; Flower Pot and Planters UNRESERVED; Fluid, Filters and Funnels UNRESERVED; Fluorescent Light Fixture UNRESERVED; Foot Stool with Storage, Pictures Frame, and Baskets UNRESERVED; Ford Portable Space Heater UNRESERVED; Frigidaire 4'x28"x35" Freezer UNRESERVED; Fuel Containers UNRESERVED; Fuel Tank Stands UNRESERVED; Fusion 16" Stand Fan UNRESERVED; Garbage Can and Misc. Markers UNRESERVED; Garbage Can with Foot Pedal Markers UNRESERVED; Garrison Dehumidifier UNRESERVED; Garrison Water Cooler with Storage HOT & COLD UNRESERVED; Gas Can and Stihl Oil UNRESERVED; Goldstar Microwave UNRESERVED; Grease Guns, Grease, Nipples, Etc. UNRESERVED; Green Love Seat Couch UNRESERVED; grey/blue queen duvet, picture and teddy bear UNRESERVED; Hamilton Beach Blender UNRESERVED; Hand Cultivator UNRESERVED; Heated Dog House UNRESERVED; Heavy Duty Wire Stripper UNRESERVED; Helmet and Helmet Bag – Size M UNRESERVED; Helmet and Helmet Bag – Size Small UNRESERVED; Hitachi Ghetto blaster UNRESERVED; Hitch, Rollers, and Mirrors UNRESERVED; HJC Helmet with Built In Defog and Bag – Size Small UNRESERVED; Homemade Garden Signs UNRESERVED; Homemade Sand Blaster UNRESERVED; Homemade Tire Bead Blaster UNRESERVED; Hose Reel UNRESERVED; Hot Plate UNRESERVED; Hydraulic Hose, Steel Fittings, and Ring Clamp UNRESERVED; Impact Wrench Sockets, Wrenches, Etc. UNRESERVED; Industrial Insulators UNRESERVED; Infrared Heater UNRESERVED; Jack-All UNRESERVED; Jumper Cables & Trickle Charger UNRESERVED; Kenmore Refrigerator – Keg & Beer NOT Included UNRESERVED; Kenmore Sewing Machine UNRESERVED; Landscape Fabric UNRESERVED; Landscape Mulch Liner UNRESERVED; Landscape Rake UNRESERVED; Large Canvas Art UNRESERVED; Large Decorative Area Rug – 7'x5' UNRESERVED; Large Decorative Mirror and D�cor – 34"x46" UNRESERVED; Large Glenmont Clock UNRESERVED; Large Handing Art with Candle Stands UNRESERVED; Large Indoor / Outdoor Lamp UNRESERVED; Large Jug with Temperature Gauge UNRESERVED; Large Mirrored Picture – 42"x19" UNRESERVED; Large Nails UNRESERVED; Large Painting UNRESERVED; Large Picture Frame with Art UNRESERVED; Large Suitcase with Box of Misc. UNRESERVED; Large Wall Decoration – 19"x64" UNRESERVED; LED Light Fixture UNRESERVED; Light Stand UNRESERVED; Lot of (2) Anti-Fatique Mats – 39.5"x20" UNRESERVED; Lot of (2) Metal Wine Racks UNRESERVED; Lot of (2) Mini Crock Pots UNRESERVED; Lot of (2) Patio Chairs with Blue Cushions UNRESERVED; Lot of (2) Small Metal File Cabinets UNRESERVED; Lot of (2) Wooden Chairs and Garbage Can UNRESERVED; Lot of (3) Wooden Stools and Curtains UNRESERVED; Lot of (4) Small Hanging Art UNRESERVED; Lot of (4) Stools (1 Unused) UNRESERVED; Lot of Air Hose UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted Bathroom D�cor UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted Beer Glasses and Curtains UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted Cooking Ware and Vases UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted Craft Supplies UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted David's Tea, Teapots, and Cups UNRESERVED; Lot of assorted d�cor, queen quilt with pillow shams UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted Family/Board Games UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted Glass Jugs UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted Jewelry UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted Nail Polish and Accessories UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted Shot Glasses and Misc. UNRESERVED; Lot of Assorted Solar Powered Lawn Lights UNRESERVED; Lot of Binders and Books UNRESERVED; Lot of Bolts – Cad Plated and Galvanized 5/16 and 8mm UNRESERVED; Lot of Breakers UNRESERVED; Lot Of Budweiser Collectables UNRESERVED; Lot of Building Wrap, Poly, and Trim UNRESERVED; Lot of Cable and Buckles UNRESERVED; Lot of CD's UNRESERVED; Lot Of Chain Link Fence UNRESERVED; Lot of Chains UNRESERVED; Lot of Coax Cable UNRESERVED; Lot of Concrete Mix and Floor Leveling UNRESERVED; Lot of Drywall Screws UNRESERVED; Lot of Drywall UNRESERVED; Lot of DVD's UNRESERVED; Lot of Exterior Trim and Soffit UNRESERVED; Lot of Fire Extinguishers UNRESERVED; Lot of Flooring UNRESERVED; Lot of Garden Hose UNRESERVED (2); Lot of Hanging Art, Decorative Boxes, and Misc. UNRESERVED; Lot of Heavy Metal Bars UNRESERVED; Lot of Herbicide UNRESERVED; Lot of Hockey Equipment UNRESERVED; Lot of Lawncare Supplies UNRESERVED; Lot of Lights, Brackets, Switches Etc. UNRESERVED; Lot of Marking Paint UNRESERVED; Lot of Metal Bars UNRESERVED; Lot of Metal Shelving UNRESERVED; Lot of Metal Siding UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Bolts UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Bulbs UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. D�cor and Gift Bags UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Electrical Components UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Electrical Wire UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Fluids UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Hardware UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Lumber and Peg Board UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Lumber UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Nails UNRESERVED; Lot Of Misc. Rock UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Screws UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Silicone UNRESERVED; Lot of Misc. Tools UNRESERVED; Lot of Pails UNRESERVED; Lot of Patio Blocks UNRESERVED; Lot of Phone Cases and Screen Protector UNRESERVED; Lot of Plastic Hose UNRESERVED; Lot of Power Cord and Power Bars UNRESERVED; Lot of Puzzle Piece Floor Mats UNRESERVED; Lot of Rope UNRESERVED; Lot Of Scrap Steel UNRESERVED; Lot of Shovels UNRESERVED; Lot of Singles and Roofing Paper UNRESERVED; Lot of Storage Bins UNRESERVED; Lot Of Timers UNRESERVED; Lot of Uni-Strut And Tie Rod UNRESERVED; Lot of Vintage Bottles UNRESERVED; Lot of Washers UNRESERVED (2); Lot VHS Tapes UNRESERVED; Makita Drill UNRESERVED; MasterChef 30" Digital Electric Smoker UNRESERVED; Mastercraft 10" Table Saw UNRESERVED; Mastercraft 10'' Drill Press UNRESERVED; Mastercraft Angle Grinder Kit UNRESERVED; Mastercraft Corded Screwdriver UNRESERVED; Mastercraft Electric Sharpener & Knives UNRESERVED; Mastercraft Rotary Tool UNRESERVED; Mastercraft Submersible Sump Pump with Hose UNRESERVED; McEan Electric Fans UNRESERVED; Measuring Tapes UNRESERVED; Metal Band Saw UNRESERVED; Misc. Brackets & Dish Mount UNRESERVED; Misc. Door Hardware UNRESERVED; Misc. Hitch Balls, Covers, Plug-ins & Truck Club UNRESERVED; Misc. Lumber UNRESERVED; Misc. Maintenance Kit UNRESERVED; Misc. Shovels and Handles UNRESERVED; Misc. Software and Blank CD's UNRESERVED; Misc. Straps UNRESERVED; Misc. Threaded Rod UNRESERVED; Moonshine Still UNRESERVED; Motion Sensor Light UNRESERVED; Muster Pont Sign UNRESERVED; Northern Escape Chest Waiters Size 11 UNRESERVED; Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Etc. UNRESERVED; Old Car Radio UNRESERVED; Old GM Car Radio – Early 70s UNRESERVED; Oxy Acetylene Tanks and Torch UNRESERVED; Pail of Foundation Coating UNRESERVED; Pail of Lava Rock UNRESERVED; Painting Supplies UNRESERVED; Pallet of Assorted Wire/Cables UNRESERVED; Partial Pail of Parts Washer Solvent UNRESERVED; Pasta dish, pasta hanger, salt & pepper shakers, brie bowl and glass cassarole dish with lid UNRESERVED; Pet Car Seat Protector UNRESERVED; Pet Kennel UNRESERVED (2); Picker Attachment UNRESERVED; Pictures, Lamp, Blanket, and Leather Moccasins UNRESERVED; Pint Tool Belt and Tools UNRESERVED; Planter Boxes UNRESERVED; Poly Tank With Cage UNRESERVED; Portable Water Heater UNRESERVED; Power Fist 6.5 HP Engine UNRESERVED; Power Fist Parts Washer UNRESERVED; Power Strip and Box of Misc. Cables/Tech UNRESERVED; Powermate 40 Gallon Air Compressor UNRESERVED; Pro Watt 1750 Power Inverter UNRESERVED; Pull Behind Scraper Attachment UNRESERVED; Pull Behind Tiller Attachment UNRESERVED; Pyrex Bowls, Ceramic Dishes and Strainer UNRESERVED; Pyrex Dishes and Assorted Glassware UNRESERVED; Quantity of Vintage and Collector Beer Bottles and Cans UNRESERVED; Rake Attachment UNRESERVED; Realistic Stereo System With Turntable UNRESERVED; Red Lion Sewage Pump – New In Box UNRESERVED; Remington Electric Shaver with Case UNRESERVED; Retractable Air hose UNRESERVED; Right Handed Golf Clubs UNRESERVED; Rival Chocolate Fountain UNRESERVED; Rockwool Insulation UNRESERVED; Rodenator Gun with Hard Hat and Gas Lines UNRESERVED; Roll of Wire Fence UNRESERVED; Roll Pin & Cotter Pin Kits UNRESERVED; Rolling Mop cart and Mop UNRESERVED; Rolling Office Chair and Floral Lamp UNRESERVED; Roof Vent UNRESERVED; Room Rake UNRESERVED; Saga Weigh Scale UNRESERVED; Sanborn 12 Gallon Air Compressor UNRESERVED; Schulte Snowblower Attachment UNRESERVED; Section of Turf From Old Mosaic Stadium UNRESERVED; Shelf Unit UNRESERVED; Shop Vac 4.5 HP Vacuum UNRESERVED; Shop Vac Hoses/Fittings UNRESERVED; Shotgun Loading Kit UNRESERVED; Skidoo Jacket and Ski Pants – Size XL UNRESERVED; Skill Saw 9" Wet Tile Saw – New In Box! UNRESERVED; Sled Dollies UNRESERVED; Small Fuel Tank UNRESERVED; Small Single Axle Trailer With Water Tank UNRESERVED; Small Wagon UNRESERVED; Snowmobile Skids For Ramp on Trailer UNRESERVED; Socket Set UNRESERVED (2); Sony Surround Sound Speaker System UNRESERVED; Sony TV with Remote UNRESERVED; Spool of Wire UNRESERVED; Spotlight – No Battery UNRESERVED; Spray Gun UNRESERVED; Sprinklers, Timers and Hose UNRESERVED; Squirrel Cage Fan UNRESERVED; Stack-On 36 – Gun, Fire, and Water Proof Safe – Contents NOT Included UNRESERVED; Stihl MS 170 Chainsaw UNRESERVED; Stihl Trimmer UNRESERVED; Stihl TS 420 Concrete Saw UNRESERVED; Sylvania Record Player UNRESERVED; Table – Contents Not Included – 66'' x 2' UNRESERVED; Tassimo Bosch Coffee Machine UNRESERVED; Tassimo Machine UNRESERVED; Terminal Connectors UNRESERVED; Tiki Torches and Sprinkler Heads UNRESERVED; Tire Changer UNRESERVED (2); Tire Repair Accessories UNRESERVED; Tote of Assorted Hardware UNRESERVED (2); Tote of Assorted Tools and Hardware UNRESERVED; Tote of Wooden Stakes and Trowels UNRESERVED; Trailer Jack UNRESERVED; Underwriter 375000 BTU Gas Heater UNRESERVED; Unused Lot of (3) Assorted Light Fixtures UNRESERVED; Unused (6) Boxes of Libbey Beer Glasses UNRESERVED; Unused 13 Piece Beer Tasting Glass Set UNRESERVED; Unused Aioma Wooden Cabinet Infrared Heater UNRESERVED; Unused Box of Assorted LED Lights UNRESERVED; Unused Christmas Tree and Assorted D�cor UNRESERVED; Unused George Foreman Grill and Containers UNRESERVED; Unused Kitchen Aid 5.7L Cast Iron Dutch Oven UNRESERVED; Unused Master Chef Convection Oven UNRESERVED; Unused Nobela Wall Mounted Down Light – 6.5"x16.5"x7.5" UNRESERVED; Various Length Unistruck Track UNRESERVED; Various Lengths of White Eve Spouts UNRESERVED; Waterpik Water Flosser UNRESERVED; Weber summit natural gas BBQ 6 burners with side burner UNRESERVED; Welding Rods, Gloves, Mask, Etc. UNRESERVED; Welding Table – Vise Not Included – Contents Not Included 42'' x 30'' UNRESERVED; Werner Step Ladder UNRESERVED; Westward SKC71 Socket Set (Complete) UNRESERVED; Whirlpool Fridge UNRESERVED; White Dish Set and Plastic Wine Glasses UNRESERVED; Wooden Boot Shelf – 27.5"x25.5" UNRESERVED; Wooden Boot Shelf and (2) Baranas Baskets – Shelf 29.5"x20" UNRESERVED; Wooden luggage rack, tension rod, queen quilt with pillow shams UNRESERVED; Wooden Side Shelf and Assorted Game Day Cups UNRESERVED; Wooden Step Ladder UNRESERVED; Wrenches & Tire Tools UNRESERVED; Yard works Wheel Barrow and Chicken Wire UNRESERVED; Z Carlisle Radial Trail Tires with Rims UNRESERVED;


Zehner, SK
G.P.S. Coordinates – 50.570329,-104.414849

For More Information Regarding This Sale, Call Monty Toll Free at 1(800)263-4193 or (306)552-4430.


This neat and tidy acreage is offering up some great items including furniture, tools, collectibles, and machinery. Make sure to attend viewing, then get bidding!!

For More Information Regarding This Sale, Call Monty Toll Free at 1(800)263-4193 or (306)552-4430.